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OneCrypto offers an affiliate program for its users, who are interested in promoting the OneCrypto project and its products and services.

Anyone interested can become our ambassador.

How can I activate the Ambassador module?

You need to activate the Ambassador module via the OneCrypto app, based on which you will get your unique affiliate link.

You can then share this link with your potential partners and enjoy interesting benefits.

To get the affiliate link, you need to activate your demo account to a real version and own WORK tokens in the minimum amount of 1500 USDT and NFTs in the minimum amount of 300 USDT.

At the same time, you need to fill in your data in the Profile section in the OneCrypto app.

What affiliate reward can I get?

For each affiliate partner you bring to OneCrypto, you will receive a reward of 6% of the affiliate partner´s each WORK tokens purchase.

This amount is divided into three parts. You will receive the first 3% immediately after each purchase, another 2% after 3 months and the remaining 1% after half a year, provided that your affiliate partner actively uses OneCrypto services. This condition applies to every new exposure of your affiliate partner converted to WORK tokens.

If your affiliate partner decides to leave OneCrypto during this period, you will lose the right to the remaining part of the revenue.

Where can I find an overview of my rewards?

You can find an overview of your affiliate rewards in the OneCrypto app in the Tools menu and the Ambassador submenu.

The affiliate rewards will be automatically credited to your extension wallet connected to the OneCrypto app.<

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