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How it Works

We offer you the opportunity to create a new source of regular and long-term passive income. Don´t miss it and register now. Become a part of the crypto world with us as your experienced and stable partner.

What stands behind the idea of the OneCrypto project?

Today's modern times are characterized by the emergence and development of new technologies and innovations in various industries and sectors. The crypto world and Blockchain technology are no exception. While in recent years we have commonly encountered terms such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrency or crypto trading, today new tools and techniques are increasingly coming to the fore, especially from the decentralized finance or so called DeFi.

New projects and improvements within DeFi ecosystem appear almost constantly and one can easily get lost in the flood of new information.

People are increasingly looking for opportunities to profit from cryptocurrencies, build a passive income and let their money grow.

However, there are also some issues associated with this. Investing in some projects carries a high risk of losing funds, especially if one decides to invest without sufficient information only with the prospect of high profits. Another problem is the lack of understanding of how blockchain technology, crypto world and decentralized finance work, as well as the lack of education. And people don´t have time to actively monitor and analyze markets.

We have been thinking about how to eliminate all these issues and at the same time how to bring people DeFi crypto trading opportunities in a more conservative and stable form with minimal risk and minimum effort, all in one place. This gave rise to the idea of the OneCrypto project.

OneCrypto is a project and brand of the company ASCALON MATEC OÜ legally registered in the Republic of Estonia.

How does it work?

The essence of the project are automated DeFi crypto trading strategies and algorithms applied to tokens created on the ERC-20 protocol.

In order to use our services, modules and tools, you need to be the owner of two types of project tokens, which are WORK tokens and NFT tokens, and you also need to have an extension wallet that you connect to the OneCrypto app.

We have prepared exclusive tutorials, guides, explainers and videos for you as well to provide you with all the important and necessary information. You will learn step by step how to work with the application, how to connect, how to use the Membership and Insurance modules, how the DeFi ecosystem works and much more.

What is WORK token?

The WORK token is an ERC20 token based on the smart contract created on the Ethereum blockchain network and represents the native token of the OneCrypto project and its app.

Ownership of one WORK token gives you access to working power via our app. Each such token represents the work of the specially created automated strategies and algorithms, as well as the energy spent on services activation, system maintenance and connection to the liquidity providers and protocols. Our trading strategies are designed to automatically monitor and analyze crypto coins markets and, if predefined conditions are met and an investment opportunity arises, to execute transactions.

The minimum exposure to use our services is 1500 USDT in WORK tokens. One WORK token is worth 10 USDT.

What is OneCrypto NFT?

OneCrypto NFT token is a non-fungible minted through the Ethereum smart contract and in the case of OneCrypto represents a certain form of company share.

We offer you several editions of NFT tokens, each with its own set quantity and value. Tokens also differ in their guaranteed annual return.

See the Investors section for more information.

The minimum exposure to use our services is 300 USDT in NFT tokens.

What is OneCrypto App?

OneCrypto App is the key application of our project and gives you access to all available services, modules and tools.

It is a simple and intuitive app intended for creating a long-term passive income within the DeFi ecosystem. It allows you to access the working power of specially created automated algorithms and strategies thanks to our WORK tokens and use it for crypto trading in a completely new way.

The application is primarily accessible via the web.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Watch our introductory video tutorial on how to take the first steps.

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