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COneCrypto benefits – free AirDrop NFT tokens

Become our Ambassador and mint your free Air NFTs

AirDrop NFTs
worth 150,000 USDT

Take advantage of our AirDrop campaign and mint special NFT tokens worth a total of 150,000 USDT for free.

Let us work together to raise awareness of OneCrypto and to increase interest in using our services.

Just log in to your account with extension wallet, get your unique affiliate link and share it to promote our project and its idea.

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  3. Mint AirDrop NFTs

AirDrop benefits

We have decided to reward each user who will engage in promotional activity by sharing his unique affiliate link, with free AirDrop NFT tokens.

Our goal is to involve in the project those customers who are really interested in using our services.

Thanks to your promotional activity, you will also become our Ambasador. In addition to free NFT tokens, you will receive other benefits, which are regular affiliate rewards.

Please note that we will not accept fake registrations or registrations made through automated robotic systems. The new user must also be active, i.e., he must meet the minimum exposure requirements.

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Watch the video below to learn more.

Want to know more? Book your free 30-minute live call with our specialist.

Income calculator

Enter the value of your planned exposure, choose you preferred Membership level and calculate the approximate amount of your monthly, quarterly, or annual income.

Acquaint yourself with our Membership program and find out what benefits it brings you.

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All the statistical data and calculations are only informative and do not guarantee future returns.

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