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Ledger was launched back in 2014 in Paris, and currently has over 150 employees working in Paris as well as in San Francisco. It is a rapidly expanding startup that creates infrastructure and security solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications for both businesses and people.

What is Ledger?

The Ledger hardware wallet works in tandem with the Ledger live application to give you a reliable way to manage and secure all of your digital assets. You can handle hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens directly from your desktop or smartphone using this program.

The Ledger wallet and Ledger live app work together brilliantly to offer you the feeling of true crypto ownership. The Ledger ecosystem in your pocket guarantees that you are the sole owner of your digital assets. In contrast to a cryptocurrency exchange, which holds custody of your cryptocurrency, this is not the case. You may lose access to your funds if an exchange is hacked or closes down.

How to open a Ledger account?

To open a Ledger account, you firstly need to buy one of Ledger’s hardware wallets – the Ledger Nano S or the Ledger Nano X. After receiving your preferred device, download the Ledger Live app. Choose your PIN and write down the generated recovery phrase. Don’t forget to store the recovery phrase somewhere secure. Next, install the preferred applications on your device, and add an account to manage your cryptocurrencies. After this step your Ledger account together with your Ledger hardware wallet is up and running.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ledger?

It is easy to use and setup, supports more than 1500 digital assets, is secure and portable, and has Bluetooth connectivity with long lasting battery life. The con is that it can be quite pricey bearing in mind you have to pay for a physical device rather than just storing your crypto online, which is expected since a user wanting a physical wallet has to buy one.


Visit the official wallet website, which contains detailed valuable information about it. You'll also find here answers to frequently asked questions, various support tools, or interesting news and articles.

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