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Uphold Card

Although the Uphold Mastercard card is a new addition to the world of crypto credit cards, the company behind it (formerly known as Bitreserve) has been active in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency field since 2014.

What is Uphold Card?

This device is primarily designed to function as a regular debit card, which many individuals will be familiar with from their personal bank accounts. Of course, the main difference with the Uphold Card is that users have a far wider range of assets that can be used as collateral for card payments.

Users may obviously use this Bitcoin debit card to pay for goods and services with a number of cryptocurrencies, but the fun doesn't stop there. On the Uphold market, users can store value in a range of fiat currencies and precious metals. Furthermore, this card offers 2% cashback on cryptocurrency transactions, which is practically unheard of in this area, at least when it comes to card options that do not include their own proprietary tokens.

How do I get the Uphold Card?

Download the Uphold Card mobile app and log in to your existing Uphold exchange account. Next, fill in your basic personal information, including your first and last names, government-issued ID number, email address, date of birth, and address, when required. To pay for the physical card issuance cost, make sure your Uphold exchange account balance is at least $9.95. Within 5 to 7 business days after approval, you should get your Uphold Card in the mail.

How do I use the Uphold Card?

With only a few minor variations, using the Uphold Card for purchases is similar to using a standard debit card.

Firstly, connect your Uphold Card account to an Uphold exchange account. You can deposit or buy supported assets to your Uphold exchange account (crypto, fiat, or precious metals). Next, you can directly spend your funds at any Mastercard-approved retailer online or in-store - Mastercard will check to see if you have enough money to finish your transaction - Uphold converts your chosen asset to fiat currency for you. Regardless of which asset was used to make the purchase, the merchant is paid in their local fiat currency.


Visit the official wallet website, which contains detailed valuable information about it. You'll also find here answers to frequently asked questions, various support tools, or interesting news and articles.

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