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Voyager Card

Voyager is an iOS and Android cryptocurrency investment app that connects you to over a dozen crypto exchanges for over 50 digital currencies and offers up to 9% APY on some assets. Read our complete Voyager cryptocurrency review to see if this platform is perfect for you.

What are the fees of Voyager?

Technically, Voyager trades are commission-free; you never pay more than the listed price for a trade. Instead, if Voyager finds you a lower price, it takes a small percentage of the difference and lets you keep the remainder. As a result, Voyager only accepts payment if it saves you money.

What are the benefits of Voyager Card?

Voyager connects you with over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges so you can trade more than 50 currencies as a broker. This means you won't have to join up for several exchanges or manage multiple accounts to establish a broad crypto portfolio. You choose the currencies you wish to buy or sell when you make a purchase or a trade, but you don't get to choose which exchange they come from. You can track the performance of any asset you own as well as your whole portfolio with the Voyager app.

If you keep a minimum balance in your Voyager account, you can receive interest on any of the 24 coins. Rates change, but Voyager claims that stablecoins, such as USDC, can earn up to 9% APY and Bitcoin can earn up to 6.25 percent. Interest is calculated on a daily basis and compounded monthly. To earn interest for the month, your average monthly balance for an eligible coin must meet the minimum. Interest is paid on all eligible assets in your account, whether they were acquired on the Voyager platform or deposited from an external wallet.

Set up periodic buys for individual currencies to put your crypto investing on autopilot. You link an external bank account to fund the purchases (just like a typical investment account), and Voyager purchases the coin of your choice on the timetable you specify. Your assets are kept in your Voyager account, where they may earn interest.

What are the drawbacks of Voyager Card?

For the time being, you can only trade coins for dollars, but Voyager is working on enabling coin-to-coin trading. To make a purchase on the app, you must first fill your account with USD from a bank account outside of the app. You sell cryptocurrency for USD through the app, and the funds are placed in your Voyager account until you make a withdrawal to another account.

Because Voyager is currently unable to keep up with demand, new customers are placed on a waiting list and provided access to the platform on a rolling basis. It doesn't provide a precise date for account approval, so you might have to wait a bit before using the app to trade.


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