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Wirex Card

The Wirex Visa card is part of the larger Wirex application, which is designed for consumers who frequently travel to different parts of the world and need access to a number of currencies.

What is the Wirex Card?

Users can trade currencies within the Wirex app, and they can transfer monies to their card account anytime they want to use the Wirex Visa card to access those funds. The cashback rewards program on this crypto debit card can be as high as 8%; however, the incentives are paid out in Wirex's own X-Points token, which must be converted to crypto.

What are the benefits of the Wirex Card?

The potential for 8% cryptoback rewards is the biggest incentive provided to Wirex Visa card holders. These benefits, however, are given out in the form of X-Points.

If you want to make real money with cryptocurrency, you'll need to transfer your X-Points into Bitcoin or Ethereum. By accumulating X-Points, you can also take advantage of Wirex's recently revised "X-Tras" rewards program.

In the near future, Wirex wants to create X-Accounts, which will be sDeFi-powered interest-earning accounts. The company accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies, which is a welcome difference from some cards, such as the BlockFi Visa, which only accepts Bitcoin.

What are the drawbacks of the Wirex Card?

One disadvantage of the Wirex Visa Card is that instead of bitcoin, customers receive X-Points, which requires an additional step to obtain cryptocurrency.

Another disadvantage of the Wirex Visa Card is that its rewards program is currently lacking in comparison to the Visa Card and the Swipe Visa Card. If you have enough of the exclusive Cronos token, you can get free Netflix and Spotify with the CRO card.

Finally, Wirex is a big multinational conglomerate with various products in various countries. This causes confusion because it previously offered a Mastercard in other nations but currently only sells a Visa card in the United States. Wirex also offers the WXT token in other parts of the world, but in the United States, it's all about X-Points. As a result, Wirex is one of the more perplexing cryptocurrency credit cards.

What are the Wirex Card fees?

There are no annual fees., external cryptocurrency withdrawals are unlimited, withdrawals from ATMs are free up to $250. (2 percent after), there is no account cost, and on coin top-ups, there is a 1% fee.


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