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Fees and costs

What fees are associated with using OneCrypto services?

Use of our services includes the following fees:

30% of the payout for using our DeFi services

6% of the value of WORK tokens when selling them

18% of the value of NFTs if you decide to sell them before the expiration of 12 months

How can I sell my WORK tokens and NFTs?

Log in to the OneCrypto app via your extension wallet, go to the Wallet menu and the Sell section and follow the instructions provided.

The corresponding USDT amount will then be automatically credited to your extension wallet after deducting the applicable fees.

You can also sell your NFTs through NFT auctions on the OpeanSea platform, which is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace. In this case, the OneCrypto cancellation fee of 18% does not apply.

Please note that if you sell your WORK tokens and NFTs, you will be automatically disconnected from the appropriate Membership level.

If there were active trading positions at the time the tokens were sold, you lose the right to income from these positions.

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