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What is payout?

Payout represents your profit from individual closed crypto transactions. Its amount depends on the value of WORK tokens and NFTs you own, which is related to the Membership level you are currently at. Another important factor that affects the value of your payouts is the use of insurance credits.

When is the Payout executed?

The reward is paid immediately after the closing of the active position.

How can I withdraw my payouts?

Payouts as well as annual revenues resulting from the ownership of NFT tokens are automatically credited to your extension wallet.

The withdrawal can then be made directly from this wallet.

Please note, that as the entire OneCrypto system works in the Polygon network, you will need to transfer your coins and tokens to the Ethereum blockchain via the Polygon bridge.

Is there a way to increase my payouts?

Yes, you can increase your earnings by obtaining more WORK tokens and NFTs and connecting to the higher Membership level, as well as by using Insurance module, which will provide you with credits that will allow you to cover potential losses.

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