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What services does OneCrypto offer?

OneCrypto offers you services, which enable you to create a regular and long-term passive income with limited risk and minimum effort. With OneCrypto, you can profit from tools and techniques of the DeFi ecosystem in one place.

Our automated algorithms and strategies use the latest knowledge and innovations from the crypto world.

See our main page for more information.

What is the minimum exposure to activate OneCrypto services?

The minimum exposure to start using our services and OneCrypto tools and modules is 1,500 USDT in WORK tokens and 300 USDT in NFT tokens.

You need to have a corresponding amount of USDT coins in your extension wallet to obtain these tokens, as well as MATIC tokens to pay transaction fees in the Polygon network.

I don't have USDT coins and MATIC tokens, how can I buy them?

Log in to your OneCrypto app, go to the Wallet menu and Buy section and click the Coins tab. Or go to the OneCrypto website, click Buy Crypto in the main menu, and follow the instructions provided.

You can purchase the coins by debit or credit card, as well as by SEPA bank transfer or by Apple Pay. The coins and tokens will be automatically credited to your extension wallet.

Please note that the purchase of cryptocurrencies is only possible through the Polygon network.

How can I obtain WORK tokens and NFTs?

Log in to the OneCrypto app via your extension wallet, go to the Wallet menu and the Buy section and follow the instructions provided.

After the purchase you will be automatically connected to one of the three Membership levels depending on the value of WORK tokens and NFTs you own.

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