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OneCrypto Membership program allows you to increase your crypto profits depending on your exposure.

Its essence is a module of automated strategies based on various DeFi techniques and their combinations. The strategies are designed to analyze and monitor crypto markets and execute transactions.

There are three levels of Membership to choose from, which vary in the potential return and the level of risk.

To be connected to the respective Membership level, you need to own WORK tokens worth at least 1,500 USDT and NFT tokens worth the defined minimum values for each level.

See the Membership website for more information or login to your OneCrypto app and go to the Membership menu.


Insurance is a tool that allows you to reduce the risk of crypto trades to a minimum, based on insurance credits you obtain depending on your exposure and activity.

See the Insurance website for more information or login to your OneCrypto app and go to the Tools menu and the Insurance submenu.

Affiliate program

Anyone, who is interested in promoting the OneCrypto project and its products and services can become our ambassador.

You can find more information about the affiliate program on our website in the Ambassador section or in the OneCrypto app in the Tools menu and Ambassador submenu.

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