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Obtaining WORK & GEM

OneCrypto WORK tokens & NFTs are essential to start using our services. Find out, what these tokens are and how you can buy and sell them via the app.

What is OneCrypto NFT?

OneCrypto NFT is a non-fungible token minted through the Ethereum smart contract based on the ERC-721 protocol and in the case of OneCrypto represents a certain form of company share.

OneCrypro NFTs are represented by unique cards.

We offer you several editions of NFT cards, each with its own set quantity and value. Tokens also differ in their guaranteed annual return.

What is WORK token?

WORK token is an ERC20 token based on the smart contract created on the Ethereum blockchain network and represents the native token of the MyCrypto project and its application.

Ownership of one WORK token gives you access to the so-called working power. Each such token represents the work of the specially created automated strategies and algorithms, as well as the energy spent on services activation, system maintenance and connection to the liquidity providers and protocols. Our strategies are designed to automatically monitor and analyze crypto coins markets and, if predefined conditions are met, to execute transactions.

How can I buy WORK tokens and NFT cards?

To purchase WORK tokens and NFT cards, go to the menu Wallet and the Buy submenu in the OneCrypto app.

Click the TOKENS tab, enter the value, and click BUY tokens. Then go to the NFT tab, select the required edition by value and click the BUY NFT button. As the minimum exposure is 300 USDT in NFTs, you must purchase at least 2 NFT cards from the Silver edition.

The appropriate amount of USDT coins for the purchase of tokens and MATIC tokens for transaction fees will be automatically deducted from your extension wallet. After successful completion of transactions, one of the three Membership levels will be automatically activated.

How can I sell WORK tokens and NFT cards?

If you decide to sell some or all of your WORK tokens and NFT cards, please note that there are fees associated with the sale. For WORK tokens, this is a 6% fee, and for NFT cards, it is 18% if you decide to sell NFT cards before the 12-month expiration.

To sell your tokens, go to the Wallet menu and Sell submenu, click TOKENS or NFTs tab and enter the required parameters.

The corresponding USDT amount will then be automatically credited to your extension wallet after deducting the applicable fees.

NFTs also offer you a great opportunity to trade them through NFT auctions on the OpenSea platform, thus avoiding the cancellation fee.

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