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OneCrypto app is the key application of our project accessible via PWA. It is a simple and intuitive app, which gives you access to all available services, modules and tools.

Wallet menu

In the Wallet menu, you will find an overview of individual tokens and coins, including their current balance, on which transactions are carried out and with which our automated algorithms work. You can also find these tokens in your MetaMask extension wallet. If you do not see them, you need to add tokens and coins manually using the Import tokens button and entering the address of the relevant smart contract.

The Wallet menu in the OneCrypto app is also used for the aforementioned purchase of WORK tokens and NFT cards and also for their sale.

DeFi Services menu

The DeFi services menu is divided into several subcategories according to individual DeFi strategies. Here you will find an overview of active crypto trading positions.

Payouts represent your profits from individual closed crypto transactions and are automatically credited as soon as the active position is closed. You will see them in your extension wallet after deducting the related fees.

Membership menu

In this section you can find information about our Membership program and which level you are currently at with regard to the value of WORK tokens and NFTs you own.

You can also calculate your approximate income here using the built-in calculator.

Tools menu

The Tools menu contains Insurance and Ambassador modules, which allow you to maximize your profits and limit risk and potential losses. We deal with these modules comprehensively in the separate tutorials.

Settings menu

In the Settings menu you can set the preferred fiat currency that you wish to be used to display values and conversions throughout the application. You can also fill in your personal data here and familiarize yourself with our legal documents.

Get Help menu

The last module of the OneCrypto app is the Get Help section. At OneCrypto, high-class customer support and communication with you is important to us. Therefore, we have prepared several tools that will allow to contact us, such as continuous online chat or the opportunity to book a free live call with our specialists. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions in this section.

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