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OneCrypto insurance – reduce crypto risk

Insure yourself against losses and protect your earnings

Reduce crypto Risk
with Insurance

Get free insurance credits that will allow you to reduce risk and minimize potential losses from crypto trades.

Take our training quizzes, activate your insurance subscription, or post a review.

Or simply buy more NFTs, which in addition to insurance will give you the opportunity to earn up to 44% APY.

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  • Insurance credits up to 18% of your exposure

  • Quizzes, subscription, ratings

  • Additional credits thanks to NFTs

What is Crypto Insurance?

Insurance is a tool that allows you to reduce the risk of crypto trades to a minimum, based on insurance credits you obtain depending on your exposure and activity.

These credits will then be automatically used to cover any losses from crypto transactions, which will allow you to increase your profitability.

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How can I get insurance credits?

You can obtain insurance credits in several ways, such as successfully passing OneCrypto training quizzes, activating insurance subscription, publishing a review, or purchasing additional NFT cards.

Where can I find an overview of my activities and insurance credits?

You can find an overview of individual activities and your current value of insurance credits in the OneCrypto app in the Tools menu and the Insurance submenu.

What happens if you use up all your insurance credits?

If you use up your insurance credits, you will be disconnected from your Membership level. In order to be reconnected, you will need to obtain additional insurance credits.


Watch the video below to learn more.

Want to know more? Book your free 30-minute live call with our specialist.

OneCrypto – quiz and insurance credits subscription

Insurance credits

In addition to obtaining insurance credits by taking quizzes, purchasing NFT tokens or publishing reviews, you can also use a more convenient option.

Simply activate your regular monthly insurance subscription and get credits worth 100 USDT each month.

Just log in to your quiz account and set up the appropriate payment.

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Create an account

and unlock your 10,000 USDT
for DEMO practicing.

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