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Crypto Yield Farming

What is
Yield Farming?

Supply your coins for
others to borrow with
20% - 44% Annual Reward

Yield farming is a strategy of using decentralized finance to maximize returns. Users lend or borrow assets on a DeFi platform and earn crypto in return for their services.

Yield is a financial term, and it means what you get when you invest. In other words, your "return on investment".

Farming refers to making money quickly - just like growing plants. Users who want to become lenders supply their tokens to crypto markets and start receiving interest on their coins. Such tokens become then available for other users to borrow.

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How does Farming work?

Yield farming is a multi-step investment strategy in DeFi, which involves various yield generating activities and can be considered a more complex and more profitable way of liquidity mining.

It allows you to earn passive income in the form of APY by depositing crypto assets into a smart contract-based liquidity pool for the purpose of lending and borrowing.

Rewards can be paid out as a percentage of the transaction fees, in the form of interest gained by the lenders, or as a governance token.

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is useful for coin or token holders who can use a smart contract to lend crypto to borrowers and earn interest on the loan.


means that if a farmer wants to start a new venture but lacks the necessary funds, he can borrow demanded coins in exchange for using tokens he currently owns as collateral. The collateral is necessary to make sure the borrower doesn´t disappear with the loan.

This process also enables to make money on the price development of the collateralized coins.

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